Current Projects

  • Census Geocoder

    Go wrapper for Census geocoding API.

  • Feed Bloater

    Command-line tool and Ruby library to expand truncated RSS feeds.

  • hugo-shortcode-table

    Table shortcode for Hugo.

  • Luigi Template

    String templating library for Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby.

  • Mathy

    Web-based LaTeX math renderer.

  • Mathyd

    Easy TeX to SVG daemon.

  • Password Strength Tester

    Web-based password strength tester based on zxcvbn.

  • SHA2

    Self-contained C11 SHA-2 implementation.

  • SHA3

    Self-contained C11 SHA-3 implementation.

  • Weather Sage

    Command-line tool and Ruby library to get the weather forecast and current weather observations for a domestic US street address.

  • ZipStream-PHP

    Streaming zip file generator for PHP.

Legacy Projects