About Me

My name is Paul Duncan. I am a software developer living in Falls Church, VA.

I am an EV and renewable energy enthusiast. I have owned a Tesla Model 3 since March 2019. We installed rooftop solar in September 2022.

I enjoy reading about math, programming, computer security, and science, writing Open Source software, tinkering with electronics, 3D printing, and creating electronic music.

In my spare time I run a couple of servers which provide web and email hosting for friends and family.

About This Site

This has been my web site since 1998. The site name is a combination of “pablo” (my nickname) and “tron” (technical).

I typically post project updates, longer articles, and links that I find interesting.

In 2019 I resurrected this site after a 10-year hiatus and migrated from a custom PHP backend to Jekyll. In 2021 I switched from Jekyll to Hugo. I am still in the process of migrating some of the older content.

Feel free to contact me if you are looking for something and can’t find it.

Old Sites

Archives of this site and my other sites are available via the Wayback Machine at the following URLs: