End of May Miscellany

June 2, 2023

Bookworm Upgrades

I upgraded several more systems to Bookworm, including a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB and a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

All of the upgrades have gone smoothly except for the Pi Zero W, which failed with “Illegal instruction” errors during dist-upgrade and left the system unbootable in two separate upgrade attempts.

I don’t know if this is a pre-release issue with Bookworm or if this particular Pi Zero W is starting to fail. In either case, be sure to back up your SD card before trying to upgrade a Pi Zero Ws to Bookworm.

PNG Compressors

I tried the following PNG compressors on a set of several dozen screenshots:

  • pngcrush: Lossless PNG compression command-line tool.
  • optipng: Lossless multi-format image compression command-line tool.
  • pngquant: Lossy PNG compression command-line tool and library.

pngquant produced the smallest output images. The results were also visually indistinguishable from the source images, at least for my use case. Of the two lossless encoders, optipng produced marginally smaller images than pngcrush.

(The bitmap images on this site are served as lossless WebPs with PNG as a fallback, courtesy of the <picture> element).

Domain Registrar

I’ve been considering switching to another domain registrar for a few years. The recent .zip TLD tizzy seemed like a perfect opportunity to register a new domain through a different registrar. I’d heard good things about Namecheap, so I created an account and registered my shiny new .zip domain: fdsa.zip.

Thoughts on Namecheap so far:

  • Good prices.
  • Fast and simple interface. Account setup and domain registration only took a few minutes.
  • 2FA prominently located and easy to enable.
  • They haven’t sold, lost, or spammed my email address (yet).
  • DNS propagation only took 2 hours.

My next step will be to migrate several secondary domains from GoDaddy to Namecheap.

Update (2023-06-13): Last night I followed these instructions to migrate 7 secondary domains. This afternoon I migrated the remaining 6 domains.

If you disable locking, disable domain protection, and manually approve pending transfers, the entire process takes about an hour.