September 18, 2022

Some people dislike jQuery because it isn’t really needed for modern browsers (see You Might Not Need jQuery).

Many older sites embed multiple versions of jQuery, often as a transitive dependency.

I thought “wouldn’t it be funny if there was a page that loaded all versions of jQuery?”.


jQueries: One page, every jQuery.

jQueries: One page, every jQuery.


  • Embeds every version of jQuery from 1.2 to 3.6.1, including the slim builds.
  • Each version of jQuery animates it’s own row. See the unminified script.js for details.
  • You may have trouble hosting jQueries if you have a restrictive Content-Security-Policy (like mine). In particular, versions of jQuery older than 1.4.0 will fail to load.
  • Deliberately serves up old versions of jQuery with known security vulnerabilities. Be careful where you host this.

Source code, build instructions, and additional details are available in the GitHub repository.