Blackberry Links and a Rant About Thieving Bastards

I just got a Blackberry for work, and I've been looking around for some simple applications. The entire experience reminds me of looking for Windows Mobile software; a bunch of small, money grubbing companies trying to nickel and dime people for things they have no business charging for. $5 for a crappy theme that you obviously spent 15 minutes on? No thanks, I'll make my own. $15 for your E-Book reader? I already made a mistake when I bought your shitty software for my PDA two years ago; I won't be fooled again. What a bunch of thieving bastards.

The good news is that I did manage to find a couple of decent applications. Here they are:

  • MidpSSH: Mobile SSH client. Brian dug this one up. The source is also a pretty good reference for MIDP development.
  • Opera Mini: The crackberry comes with a half-assed built-in browser. Opera Mini makes up the other half by resizing images and scaling the page so it fits nicely on your screen.
  • jmIrc: Decent mobile IRC client.

Also, Blackberry Freaks and GetJar both have lists of free software for the Blackberry. Actually, GetJar is useful for any J2ME/MIDP-capable device; that's where I got most of the software for my Samsung t809. There's also, although everything there seems to be straight out of 2002.

The best overall Blackberry forum I've found so far seems to be Blackberry Forums. I particularly like the developer forum.

I also managed to get the MIDP SDK up and running without too much effort. You basically just uncompress the archive wherever, then add the $MIDP_DIR/classes directory to your classpath when compiling your .java files. It includes an MIDP emulator which works fine for several applications I've tried, and also seems to hate the JAD files I'm generating for no apparent reason. Oh well. Here are the interesting MIDP and Blackberry development links I've dug up:

Fire an email or comment my way if you've got any more useful links.