Brief NovaRUG Notes

I got a chance to sneak out to last week's NovaRUG. Chad was in town for work, so he stopped by. I also got a chance to talk to Rich and Tom as well.

Rich inadvertently used his phone as a Wiimote-style projectile weapon. Chad went and got all famous since the last time I saw him (at RubyConf 2004)! Apparently writing a couple books and speaking all over the world does that to you. Who knew? Anyway, I only had a little while to catch up with him, but he dinged my for being lax on Raggle. He'll be in town next month as well; maybe we'll have a bit more time to hang out then.

I talked to Tom about Mercurial and VServers. I'm using both now, and he's interested in both for RubyForge. The former as another SCM for people to use, and the latter as a way to provide user shell access.