YUI and YUI-Ext

Scripting has now been available in browsers for over a decade. The recent AJAX craze -- an older, more mature sibling of Microsoft's DHTML -- has spurned the development of countless AJAX and DOM platform libraries, each with their own niche.

Even though Rails is really partial to Prototype and Script.alculo.us, I decided to spent some time playing with some of the competitors. I like the simplicity of moo.fx, but my personal favorite at the moment is Yahoo User Interface library (YUI). It's BSD-licensed, documented out the wazoo, and it's being actively developed and supported by Yahoo. Toss in Jack Slocum's yui-ext, and you have an awesome dynamic grid widget, layout manager, asynchronous animation primitives, and a great JavaScript-only dialog widget that'll impress anyone (check out the slick per-block commenting in the Django Book, for a rough idea of what you can do with yui-ext). Not too shabby. With a little effort, even Rails can be beaten into YUI submission).

(By the way, I am not and will never be a fan of AJAX for the sake of AJAX and at the expense of usability. But I do think a little bit, used sparingly, can really spice up a page).

Anyway, expect to see a bit of YUI pizazz around here whenever I finally get the long, long overdue backend rewrite rolling.