My MythTV Scripts for Mostly-Automated DivX Encoding

Did I mention that I set up a MythTV machine several months ago? Anyway, I don't use the MythTV front-end; A recording server in my rack downstairs (spud) records scheduled programs. Afterwards, I re-encode recorded episodes as DivX5-compatible MPEG4 files (in an AVI wrapper) on a faster machine (picard, go ahead, laugh at the hostname — you know you want to), then burn related shows off to DVD.

I realize it's a slightly convoluted configuration, but it works well given my hardware constraints, and the fact that my DVD player (a Philips DVP642), is DivX5-aware. That said, I'm posting my scripts on the off-chance that pieces of them are useful to someone who wants to set up a similar system. Here's what's included in the tarball below:

  • convert MythTV NUV files to DivX5-compatible MPEG4 files.
  • mi: A Ruby script to create filesystem-friendly names for AVI files encoded with
  • mim: quick shell script to create hard links based on an egrep-style regular expression.

A typical session is as follows:

# (after running
# see what's encoded
mi | less 

mkdir dvd && cd dvd

# create hard links to encoded episodes of that 70s show, the
# colbert report, and the daily show, 
mim 70s_ colbert daily_show

# remove the original cryptically-named AVI files
mimrm 70s_ colbert daily_show

# create an iso of the AVI files in the current directory,
mkisofs -r -R -J -o 70s-colbert-daily.iso *.avi

# burn a DVD of the episodes in question
sudo dvdrecord -dao -v -speed=8 dev=/dev/hdc 70s-colbert-daily.iso

# remove the AVI and ISO files
rm *.avi *.iso && cd .. && rmdir dvd

If you decide to use these scripts, please look through them and edit the paths (most have my shared NFS paths hard-coded), and double-check to make sure they won't do anything wacky with your systems. With that in mind, here's the tarball:

Download pabs-mythtv_scripts-20060118.tar.gz (Signature)