Sweep Gruff Under the RUG

Finally, a NoVA Ruby users group! Here's the brief post from ruby-talk:

January 25...details can be found here: http://www.novarug.org

I will be posting an itinerary soon, but we will be showing the app were are working on at InfoEther (Ruby + Flash).

I'll be there, although that means forfeiting my previously sacrosanct poker night.

As you know, a user group meetup, regardless of the topic, isn't complete without a nutty guy waving his arms and ranting about some petty grievance, I'm already prepared with my crazy pedant rant.

Why the hell, and I'm looking at you, Gruff, would you ship a library that doesn't even work? It's got a bit of documentation, some sample code, and examples of pretty output. Except it doesn't work. At all. Why?

Anyway, "novarug" — or is it written "NOVARUG" — has to be one of the less sexy names I've heard recently. Hopefully Rich Kilmer's presentation in a couple weeks is as interesting as it was at RubyConf 2004.

Update: Apparently the Gruff library isn't broken, but the Gruff gem is. It doesn't check for or require the RMagick gem.