How to Make Delicious Not Suck

A couple of days ago Richard (richlowe) discovered Scuttle. Scuttle is an open clone of Delicious. It has private posts, looks fairly decent, doesn't have a gadzillion dependencies (unlike Rubric), and works reasonably well.

I went ahead and set it up, and made a few changes. And so was born. Scuttle has an option to import all your old Delicious URLs, but I didn't want to give up on Delicious just yet — I just wanted something that wasn't ass-slow. So I patched Scuttle so users can optionally cross-post to Delicious. I used some of that Pablotron magic, so Delicious-chaining doesn't slow down posting links at all, which makes it much more pleasant than waiting up to a minute for a post to Delicious. I also added an option for users to switch between comma- and space-delimiting for tags when posting new links (Scuttle uses the former and Delicious uses the latter), and fixed the after-post behavior to mirror Delicious (specifically, close the pop-up after a post, and switch the browser back to the original URI after a non-pop-up post).

Anyway, You can see all the changes described above by creating an account on Tasty. Here's all the changes I've made against Scuttle 0.4.1, as individual patches:

I'm sending all of these patches upstream as soon as I finish this post, so hopefully we'll see these in the next release.

Update: I inadvertently broke comma-delimiting. The following patch fixes it (you'll need to apply this one after all of the others scuttle-0.4.1-fix_comma_delim.diff.