Hardware Extrordinaire

I've been thinking about building a Gumstix or Soekris-based embedded system. I don't have a particular reason; I'm not even sure what I want to build yet. Anyway, here's some of the neat stuff I've stumbled across:

If that wasn't geeky enough, I've also been aggregating all the Star Trek information I can found online into a SQLite database. It's far from complete, but at the moment I've got a list of episodes from every Star Trek show ever (including the oft maligned "Star Trek: The Animated Series"), a fairly expansive list of species and planets encountered or referenced in the Star Trek universe, and a list of Trek particles defined and organized by category.

You can download the raw database file (2.4M gzipped SQLite3 database), or the entire working directory, including extraction scripts (4.4M gzipped tarball). As usual, there is no documentation, although you can regenerate the database by running scripts/generate.sh (you need Ruby installed, of course :D).