Raggle News, General Ideas, Status, and More...

Tom (giblet) wrote a script using Rubilicious to import OPML-format lists of links to Delicious. Check it out here.

Here's a couple of ideas I had for the next version of Raggle: searching for RSS feeds via Syndic8 (actually the CVS version of Raggle already does this via an embedded copy of the old version of Syndic8-Ruby), saving your Raggle feed list as a Syndic8 subscription list (free portability, also you could share your blogroll with other people, etc), one-click (or buttonpress, whatever) posting of interesting links to Delicious, and Atom support. It's actually relatively easy to do most of these as add-ons to the existing version of Raggle, but I'd like to finish the internal cleanup before adding them. The next version will have complete interface abstraction and an opaque engine class, allowing other people to come along and do things like write wacky backend support (e.g. save feed list to MySQL or Syndic8), custom interfaces (native Win32 or GTK+ interface, anyone?), rewriting the Raggle engine in C. I'm also considering using Ruby/RSS for the next version of Raggle; the current RSS parsing in Raggle is a bit more haphazard than I'd like, so deferring to another library saves me the trouble of writing yet another library.

On the binding front, I've still got two other sets of Ruby bindings pending completion, TunePimp-Ruby and Devil-Ruby (although I've been sitting on the latter for like a year now, so who knows when I'll get to it :D). Also, FT2-Ruby badly needs the rest of the FreeType2 API implemented.

As for non-Ruby stuff, I finally added comments to paulduncan.org, and I've got two of the three family-related pages I started all up and running (erinmduncan.com and richandrobynn.com are up, saraduncan.com is waiting on a theme from Jon-Anne (lilyj)).