Richard's Guide to Counterstrike Lingo

13:17 <pabs> richlowe: i'm actually not up on teh kiddie cs speak
13:17 <pabs> richlowe: but i can do the q3 speak
13:17 <richlowe> pabs: me neither.
13:17 <richlowe> it's pretty much the same.
13:17 <pug-uni> richlowe: to be an pwns0r rules
13:17 <pabs> it's basically different dialects of hte same language though
13:18 <richlowe> you need exactly 3 phrases "OMG!!!! HAX!!!", "CAMPING PUSSY!", 
                 and "Fuking n00b"
13:18 <richlowe> and you fit right in.
13:18 <richlowe> of course, there's CS specifics like "Lose the fucking shield, 
13:19 <richlowe> and my personal favorite "'cover me' does not mean 'Throw a 
                 grenade in after me' donkey fucker'"
13:21 <pabs> hmm i should write this stuff down