Aphex Twin Supports Free Music

In case you missed the Slashdot story, Bleep, Warp Record's new music service, is DRM-free:

Bleep music has no DRM or copy protection built in. We believe that most people like to be treated as customers and not potential criminals - DRM is easily circumvented and just puts obstacles in the way of enjoying music.


Hot on the heels of that announcement, comes this interview with Richard D. James (aka Mr Aphex Twin):

Despite the rushed release of Drukqs and the reasons behind that, he thinks "having music for free is a good thing, because I don't think music should be a commodity. I've changed my opinion to and fro over the years, but I really do think there shouldn't be any copyright on art.

"But the thing is, some kid somewhere might be really poor and think, 'If I make the best music in the world, I can get some money and buy a house and some equipment', which is what I thought. So that is a good motivation, as well. You would lose that."

Source: "Synths, drukqs and rock'n'roll", Sydney Morning Herald (linked from BB)