Exposé & Retooling Slashdot

I played with Panther a little earlier today at Microcenter. Exposé is pretty damn cool, although it's of negligible value to me, since I already avoid overlapping windows like the plague. There's something really gratifying about having MacOS, bash, and Ruby all on the same machine.

Oh yeah, Laurence (ljlane) pointed me at this page: Retooling Slashdot with Web Standards. Making this change would save OSDN a lot of money on bandwidth, but Richard (richlowe) pointed out this will render Slashdot essentially unviewable in Lynx and Links. Personally, I'd say that's the price of progress. Lynx is crap anyway. Links , on the other hand, already supports tables and frames (some forks also support JavaScript), so there's no reason they couldn't add rudimentary CSS support as well.