Um, Bonsai?

I just attempted to set up Bonsai on kylie. The Debian package requires more configuration than most source installs I've seen. Here's a brief list of things you have to do after installing the package:

  • Reconfigure CVS
  • Reconfigure your MTA
  • Configure LXR (note that this package has it's own long list of post-install manual configuration steps)
  • Do a rain dance
  • Edit configuration files in /etc/bonsai
  • Edit configuration options in web interface
  • Edit more configuration options in a different web interface
  • Hope the rain dance worked

I think I've opted to stick with ViewCVS, for which I had to do essentially zero post-install configuration. Actually I changed one line in the config file, but that was optional. Perhaps I just need to work on my rain dance technique.