Raggle News

Remember Raggle? Rumors of 0.3.0 begin to fly again. Ville just committed a fix for the obnoxious shell character expansion bug to the trunk in CVS, which leaves a relatively small set of things to fix for a release. Among them: a fix for the nasty GC sweep bug that has cropped up since we added parallel feed grabs (my hunch is that this is a bug in Ruby, not Raggle), getting the web interface to some state of completion (basically this means writing a config interface and a feed editor), and updating the documentation to describe all the new features. We could really use some eyes on the GC swseep/threading bug; I'm not sure where it's coming from (I thought I'd eliminated the concurrency issues), and it makes Raggle die at random. If you're interested in helping, here are instructions for checking Raggle out of CVS.

Crap, just had a power flicker here, so I need to finish this post fast. Chris (cdavies) plugged Raggle in his list of useful console apps. Thanks dude!