"connection already set up" AAaaargh

Three people have reported a bug in Raggle that I just can't seem to reproduce. Basically, in the grab.log grabbing feeds fails with a "connection already set up" error; I can't seem to duplicate the bug in Ruby 1.68 or Ruby 1.8.0, and I don't see it in the Ruby HTTP source. The next step is to take a look at the source for the Ruby IO module source, and see if I can find it there. If anyone has any insight on that, or how to make Ncurses-Ruby ignore a user-defined SIGWINCH trap, I'd appreciate it.

Other news of note: I imported the start of my Gcrypt-Ruby bindings into CVS; they won't compile or work for quite a while, but at least people can watch the progress (and contribute!) now.

There's more fun stuff about what's going on over on paulduncan.org.