After several months of using a private CVS repository, I finally have a publicly accessible CVS server again. The details are on the CVS page. There's also a ViewCVS interface to the repository at

If you feel like playing with Raggle, you can grab the latest version (including Ville Aine's OPML import/export code and Richard's description window scrolling) with the following script:


echo Press enter at the password prompt login
export CVSROOT
# check out stable and development branches
cvs -z3 co raggle
cvs -z3 co -rRAGGLE-0-1 -d raggle-0.1 raggle

I stumbled across a bunch of interesting stuff in the last few days. Here's a handful of the more interesting ones:

I'll leave you with this quote from Dive Into Mark, which neatly summarizes my opinion on the future of technology:

I will not be arguing the merits of web standards, CSS, accessibility, and open source. It is quite obvious to me that these are the future of the Internet and of the computing industry in general, and if you don’t see that by now, I can’t help you. Adapt or get left behind.

Update: I screwed up on the CVS root. It's fixed now.