Lazy Weekend

It looks like Firefly might not be dead yet. The number two Firefly guy posted this comment, which says the guys in charge are still trying to save the show. Also, Firefly Support just updated yesterday. And here is a list of companies who have bought advertising time during Firefly. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, you can check out a good review right here.

Michael Moore made an appearance on the Daily Show. Here's the downloadable version. Alternet has this positive review of Bowling for Columbine. A few editorials that are bound to piss people off are here and here (obviously I don't agree with the second one at all, but it's still an interesting read). Everyone who has an opinion about the RIAA should read this article. Finally, here is a big list of logical fallacies, and here is a Census Bureau population guestimator.