New Kid, Tom Tomorrow, and More

Other than Stephen and Megan having their baby, not a lot has been going on, but I do have a big pile of interesting links. I followed the link on Tom's sidebar to Boing Boing and it's got some cool stuff on it. Interesting news editorials are here, here, here, here, here, and here. Also, I found another good Bertrand Russell essay.

Ever want to build your own emulation console? Here's how. Or maybe you just want to use SNES controllers for SNES9x? If so, then you'll want one of these. If you're looking for an audio device that works with your existing MP3 archive, then you should check out the AudioTron. Tom's Hardware has an in-depth article about the GeforceFX. Here is an interesting article about tunneling HTTP via TLS (eg the successor to SSL). The OpenSSL related links page also has a ton of interesting SSL and TLS info.

Finally, everyone should check out Tom Tomorrow's blog, and Salon's archive of his comic strips here (my favorite strip is this one).