I got both cable modem and SDSL working together (ie multiple routes to internet, the same setup we had when Stephen lived here). This page explains how to get multiple routes working. Heard about the CD price fixing settlement? Get your refund at the Music CD Settlement page. If you're having trouble decyphering the legalize, maybe you're the 2% of the population that have better luck with this puzzle.

Requisite geek links: Here are some picture sof the new tablet Zaurus. If they release one with a SD slot and a CF slot I'll definately buy one. This image shows the light on earth at night. This article from Ars Technica talks about bandwidth and latency, specifically regarding RAM, but applicable to networking and other technology as well. I found this Kuro5hin thread which talks about the ramifications of the Slashdot effect (and Farking) on content providers and hosting companies. From there I stumbled across these dedicated hosting deals (although Tom and I have already decided to give United Colo a try, since they don't have a setup fee, they offer more bandwidth per month, and they're willing to install Debian.

I found a handful of interesting news articles. Here is one talking about bias in the media. This article talks about Google and morality. This article breaks down some interesting RIAA statistics regarding piracy. Here is an article talking about the drug war, and here is the Drug War Clock. Here is a really good editorial from AlterNet which discusses the problems with abstinence only education programs. Not a big Poindexter fan? This guy decided to give Poindexter some of his own medicine. I stumbled across this essay by Bertrand Russell. It was written in 1927, but it's still strangly relevant. If you liked that, then you'll like this interview with the late Douglas Adams even more. This essay isn't quite as eloquent as the previous two, but it's still an interesting read. Worried about living in a police state? Join the campaign for preemptive impeachment! Finally here's an amusing article about the current administration.

Okay, that's it for today. I'll try and be less of a recluse this year.