Concerts, UUML (no, not _that_ UML)

So last weekend I went with my friends Alonzo, Ed, and Lee to the MTV2 Smokin' Grooves 2002 concert and saw Lauren Hill, Outkast, and The Roots. I liked everyone at the show but overall I think The Roots were the most entertaining (followed closely by Outkast). The list of other notable concerts I've seen since I moved to the DC area: Blink 182 and Crystal Method (with Stephen [Snow-Man], Megan, and Jimmy), DJ Shadow (with Alonzo [osiekhan] and Lee), and Cake (with Richard [richlowe] and Jon-Anne [lilyj]). One of the cool things about the DC area (as opposed to the places I lived in Oregon) is there's almost always great concerts coming up.

I've been playing around with User Mode Linux (UML). The gist of UML is it allows you to compile and run the Linux kernel as an executable, which means you can do fun stuff like run an arbitrary number of "virtual" machines inside one physical machine (eg. a jail or chroot environment on crack, or a protected environment for a vhost client, etc) or debug and profile the running kernel with all the standard userspace tools (gdb, gprof, ddd, etc). It would also be useful for rapidly prototyping network designs or isolating daemons on servers. Debian users can apt-get install user-mode-linux{,doc} uml-utilities, or you can be a man and patch the kernel tree yourself like I did ;). There's also the beginnings of a user site at

People have been having trouble creating accounts on the page. I'm not sure if it's an IE issue or if a PHP update broke my authentication, but feel free to email me if you can't log in to your account or if you can't post comments any more. Finally, I've been accused of not putting enough graphics on my page and having it look "bland like all the other linux geeks' pages". So, here's a picture from Fark to tide everyone over until my next update:

bush dancing