I'm Still Alive!

I set up a machine outside the firewall. So far I've used it to play around with IceCast, CIPE, and IP Tables. I also used it as an excuse to install TripWire, altough I haven't finished tweaking it yet. Everyone knows the Debian Linux install is less than spectacular, so I've been trying to build a basic "user friendly" Debian ISO with the Progeny PGI graphical installer. If I get anything interesting up and running I'll post it here.

Sean (aka dmron on IRC) posted a bunch of Jaguar screenshots. You check out the screenshots and read what people have to say about the new features here . If you're looking for it (I was), Chris.com has a ton of ASCII art, conveniently organized into categories. Here's an amusing list of comparisons between the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the behavior of the current administration. Also, be sure to check out this interesting article about media consolidation in the United States. I bought a couple of t-shirts from T-Shirt Hell; their shipping sucks, but their shirts are really funny. If you're into Trance music, you'll probably like Massinova.

Be sure to check out my new improved desktop in this screenshot. Oh yeah I saw DJ Shadow in live a few weeks ago; he was really good. Okay, that's it for today.