Old Themes Rise from the Grave!

I rewrote the Themes page and ported several of the themes from the old backend. The old default theme is called Retrotron. The Pabsdot theme is back, and so is Kindergarten, so hopefully Hendryx will stop bugging me about it ;).

I stumbled across some cool stuff for the iPaq that I thought was worth sharing. Well technically most of it is for the Sharp Zaurus, but the Zaurus runs Qtopia on an Intell StrongARM SA-1100. iPaqs running Familiar Linux and either Qtopia or Opie are binary compatible with the Zaurus, so you can interchange packages, binaries, and source. Anyway, here is a great Qtopia software index. GraphIt! is a nice replacement for graphing calculators, Sheet/Qt is a spreadsheet program which doesn't suck, Konqueror/Embedded is exactly what it sounds like, and Tab Manager allows you to add, modify, and remove the Qtopie (or Opie) tabs.

I also bought a basic (yet entertaining) Qtopia RTS game from Eon Games called Strategic Assault. I'm about half way through the full version (I bought the expansion pack as well), and I really recommend it to other Qtopia users out there; it's a lot of fun, and it only costs $26US. Oh yeah, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but you can check out a handful of Qtopia screenshots I've taken here. Okay, that's it for this evening.