GF4, Take 2

My exchanged GeForce4 still doesn't work, even with my new power supply. My best guess is some AGP quirk with my motherboard; I'm going to email Nvidia and maybe Tyan to see if I can get some answers.

I've had a few requests for my Junkbuster configuration. Here are a couple of Junkbuster-related scripts, and here are my junkbuster config files, current as of right now (I use the auto-update cron script distributed with Junkbuster, so my configuration changes a little bit every once in a while).

Oh yeah, Joe (duerrj in #gah) pointed me towards Level Six. They sell a variety of interesting Playstation peripherals, including this Playstation to USB adapter, which I bought. Now I can play roms in Snes9x (Debian users, apt-get install snes9x-x or snes9x-gl) and X-MAME (Debian users: apt-get install xmame-x or xmame-gl) with a joystick instead of the keyboard.

A few random urls: Afro Tech Mods has a bunch of really funny and pointless PC mods. My friend Ed is working on a music site called Hip Hop Mecca; there's not much there yet, but check it out and let him know what you think. My friend John is doing something similar at Sample Scene. Okay, that's all for now.