Still no GF4

After a bit of haggling on the part of eVGA, I finally got my replacement GeForce4 Ti 4600. The new one doesn't work either :(. We tested it out in Stephen's box, and it worked great. Which means the problem is my box :(. My best guess at this point is my el-cheapo 400W power supply, so I ordered a better 460W power supply from PC Power and Cooling (recommended by Stephen. Aka Snow-Man. He just redesigned his his page. You should check it out. <PLUG> Snow-Man wants you to check out his new page. The one he just updated. </PLUG>).

I snagged the GCC ARM toolchain earlier this evening; I'm going to write apps for Familiar on my iPAQ. Maybe even some for Opie if I can ever figure out Qt Designer: I'm accustomed to Glade, which is much more intuitive, in my opinion. Speaking of Glade, Ruby/GTK+ and Glade/Ruby (Debian users: libgtk-ruby and libglade-ruby, respectively) are amazingly simple to use.

PS. Check out Snow-Man's newly redesigned page.