First 2k2 Post

You can create accounts now, although there may still be some quirks in the code. Feel free to create an account and test the comment code out. I've removed some of the sections I wasn't keeping up to date (such as Bits and the Site Map), although it's much easier for me to add sections now, so they may come back at some point.

I've been messing around with Ruby a lot lately. Ruby is basically an OOP-centric amalgamation of Perl and Python, and it's really fun to use. Here's a screenshot of a quick GTK+ mail client I hacked together in an evening using Ruby.

Oh yeah, the preemptable kernel patch is working great on my workstation and on vault (my new fileserver). I also finally got my DVD player and my TV tuner card all set up. Okay, that does it for tonight. Happy New Year everyone.