Debian Ate My Motherboard!

Hooray! Adobe decided to call off the storm troopers and join the good guys. You can read all about it here.

Oh yeah, I promised an update on the Debian Linux install. Well, so far things have been going great. I'm now in the unique position of having either too new of a glibc or too new of a gcc for occasional applications. Of course, that's my only gripe, and it usually only takes a bit of tweaking code in order to get it to work properly.

Anyway, a few days after I installed Debian, my motherboard decided to crap out on me. The diagnostic LEDs seemed to think it was a dead CPU, so we went out and got a new Duron 750, which didn't do any good. A few days later, Snow-Man and I went out and got a new motherboard (a MSI K7T Turbo instead of a MSI K7T Pro). That seemed to fix things up nicely.

I haven't been working on a whole lot lately, but I did manage to eek in some time to write a quick GUI bash and gdialog wrapper for apt-cache search; you can grab it here. I revamped my bash tweaks, you can grab the latest version from the Bash Tweaks project page. I also rewrote and posted an updated version of my VIM config. You can grab it here. I rewrote most of my Mutt config as well, but I haven't quite finished packaging that for public consumption just yet.

A few random things... Since we share the same office, Brian has been threatening me with one of these sissy Nerf guns. I've decided to get one of these just in case. I accidentally stumbled across Astalavista, a great site for grey and black hat security goodies. Finally, here's a couple nifty links I found on Memepool: