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Things have calmed down just a tad, so I decided to post a quick update to the page. In case you hadn't heard, I just started a working with Snow-Man and bma at Mitretek. Obviously this means I've been relocating from Corvallis, OR -- the west coast -- to Annandale, VA -- the east coast. I'm still mostly offline, as parts of my computers are still either on the west coast or en route here. Most of the moving and shipping mess should be sorted out by the end of next week.

My email address stays the same, and my URL stays the same. However, anything located on,, and will be unavailable until I finish reorganizing. Oh yeah, I'm surrounded by evil Debianites around here, so I've "decided" to install Debian on my main machine. "I feel like one of those people who shave their heads and claim they've always been punk." (John Cusack's character in "High Fidelity"). Anyway, I'll try and keep everyone posted on the job, my relocation, and the Debianization of my main machine. Stay tuned for details!