Planetarion Fun!

I quietly released a new version of PLib a few days ago. PLib 0.3.0 has a whole bunch of new goodies; here's a quick list: From Tom Gilbert, resource loader cleanups, and a new modular resource saver. From Richard Lowe, a PCRE wrapper, and new warning and debugging calls. From me: PList and PHash cleanups, added the PVector type (think Vector in Java), PList and PHash API cleanups and bugfixes, TCP/IP and UNIX domain socket utility functions, TCP/IP and UNIX domain socket client and server (with simple SSL support), a short example program (a chat client and server with option file handling, and SSL support), C++ friendlyness, and autoconf/automake magic. Note that PCRE, OpenSSL, and even libdl are optional. If you don't have OpenSSL installed, for example, the PLib will still compile and work just fine; albiet without SSL capabilities. Thanks to Tom and Richard for all the help on PLib.

The next round of Planetarion has started. Since the old BattleCalc a) doesn't work this round and b) was Windows-only (of course, it ran great in Wine ;) ), I decided to whip up my own battle calculator. It's still pretty rough, and there isn't a GUI just yet -- although it does create CSV output so you can view the battle in Excel, Gnumeric, or your spreadsheet program of choice). Anyway, you can download my battle calculator here.

Oh yeah, I also updated my Planetarion resource page. Having trouble starting your planet? Be sure to check out the 3-Day Plan, a rough guide on your planet's first 72 hours.