Tab Madness

I saw yesterday's post on Slashdot about Zsh, and I decided to give it a try. I really liked the tab completion and a few other features, but Zsh was just too different than Bash for me to make a permanent switch. So I decided to upgrade to Bash 2.04 and mess with it's programmable completion instead. I started with a few from the samples included with Bash and added a bunch for things like tar, ssh, and cvs. Several people on #e asked for my completions, so I decided to clean them up a bit, add an installer script, and put them online. The result is Bash Tweaks. Enjoy.

I've been learning more about XML, and I decided to work on making this page a bit more transitional friendly. I've converted the sidebar and all the server-side includes, which means most of the layout for the page should be okay, but I haven't started on all the content yet. I decided to preserve rendering in older browsers (mainly Netscape 4). The two tags that it seems to get pissed off about are <br/> and <div align="center">, so I'm going to stick with the more compatible, but less compliant <br> and <center> (at least until everyone can affort to run a modern browser).

Finally, if you've got a GeForce 2 MX TwinView (and possibly even a GeForce 2 MX), and you want to try the NVidia 0.9-7 drivers, be sure you grab the 0.9-769 drivers, _not_ the 0.9-767 drivers. I consistently got hard locks in Quake 3 with the 0.9-767 drivers, but the 0.9-769 drivers appear to be working okay. Okay, that's it for today.