Version 0.2

Lots of new stuff today. Version 0.2.0 of PLib is available, you can download it here. The latest version has vastly improved (but slightly incompatible) list and hash implementations. Also, Tom Gilbert has redone a lot of the POption code, added a PResource saver, and fixed a bunch of other stuff.

I've also released version 0.2.0 of Pbfvm. You can download it here. New features include interpreter optimization, transparent zlib support, one-liner support, piped interpretation, and a partial "pseudo-ASM" implementation (which adds conditional statements, copy, move, branch, return, and other tratitinal operations).

I wrote a really basic UDP chat client as a reference for my friend's network programming assignment. I thought it was kind of amusing, so I decided to post it for everyone else to play with. Check it out here. It's version 0.2 partly because I cleaned up a few things before posting it, but mainly so I'd have 0.2 of everything. :)

The versions of Cam available on my Cam page and through Enlightenment CVS have been out of sync for monthes, so I decided to finally get my act together. The latest version of Cam is available here. Most of it has been cleaned up and rewritten by Richard Lowe, and there's too much new stuff to cover here. You will need the CVS version of Feh for some of the newer features, but it should work okay with older versions of Feh as well.

Okay, so that does it for new software. As for my computer, I've given up on bttv until they can actually get it to work without destroying parts of my filesystem. On the plus side, I finally got TrueType fonts working. I decided to whip up some new logos for Pablotron as a test of the new fonts. The joke ones are here and here, and the logo that I was thinking about using permanently is here. Also, I'm trying to move all the downloadable content on my page into the Download page. It's slow going, but I should be finished sometime later this week.

Oh yeah, I downloaded KDE 2.1 the other day. As most of you know, I don't really run GNOME or KDE, but I like to keep them around for the application dependencies, and to see how they're doing. Anyway, Konqueror is really good; it does everything that Nautilus tries to do, without dragging my computer to a screeching halt. Also, if you're in to IDEs, then KDevelop can't be beat. Though personally, I prefer Vim and Ctags to an IDE. Speaking of VIM, I just downloaded version 6.0w the other day; the new vertical split feature is great. I haven't had a chance to play with all of the other new features just yet, but 6.0w has worked great so far. Lemme see, other new software... GnomeICU 0.60.1 is out. Avifile 0.53.5 fixes several bugs...

Anyway, I've got more to say, but this news post is already long enough. This is my one funny URL for the day, and if you haven't seen it before, check out Plastic. Whew.