The Magical Disappearing Pablo

I just realized I haven't updated in two weeks. I've been playing around with Freenet. The HTTP proxy stuff is really cool; it's fun to browse Freenet URLs in my browser.

Anyway, I've been spending most of my time working on a secret project. It's coming along a lot quicker than I anticipated, so hopefully I'll have something everyone can mess around within the next couple of months. I guess we're going to be using PLib, so I really, really need a new name for it. I was thinking libprc or something

Just so I have something new and interesting, here is a list of Neil Stephenson's articles in Wired. Also, his personal page is here. And, if by some chance you've mananged to escape without reading "In the Beginning was the Command Line", follow this link and read it now.

Oh yeah. In case anyone doesn't know, I'm looking for a new job. If anyone has any openings (preferrably in the bay area), feel free to mail me.