Uh... Okay, long story short, Pablotron has a new home, @Home is a steaming load, and Snow-Man is my new best friend. He's now hosting both Pablotron and Pablotron DNS. I'm so grateful I even put his logo below my sidebar ;-). It might take a few more days for the DNS changes to propagate everywhere, but appears to work correctly for most people.

As for the site, most things should still work correctly. The tetrinet rankings will be broken for a bit while i rewrite the CGI, but I'm not going to rush that. AFAIK, noone even plays tetrinet anymore :). Also, the uptimes and stats aren't going to update for a while until I rewrite the scripts.

The new version of GibMeet includes plugin support. A few reference plugins are included with the newest tarball, and you can grab the ones made by Richlowe and koudelka right here. You'll need PLib version 0.1.2 or better ain order for GibMeet to compile. Speaking of PLib, a few people have reported problems compiling PLib; specifically, undefined references to db. I'm not actually using the db wrapper at the moment, and I'll probably disable it in the next version of PLib (pending a rewrite). For now, do the following to disable the db stuff:
  • remove pdb.o from the line beginning with OBJS= in plib/plib/Makefile
  • remove the text "-ldb" from plib-config.c
Before anyone emails me about it, yes i know autoconf could take care of this madness for me. I'll get around to it :).

As for development stuff. The CVS version of PLib has a new dynamic resource loading API. In it's simplest form, you simply do a data = p_resource_get("urltype://url_parameters", &len) and PLib will find the correct dynamic library, load it, and pass your URL off to it. Note that the URL isn't limited to things like http and ftp. I plan on adding support for things like SQL and XML, so you could do somethign like PList *list = p_resource_get("mysql://\"select 1-5 from News where (Title like '%snow-man%');\"", &len); or whatever . Anwyay, this is still a ways off; right now I'm working on the ftp, http, and shttp modules (all of which will probably be implemented with libcurl (the only sane http library I've found -- thanks [Bb]o[wr]is.* ;-) ).

Oh yeah, Tom Gilbert renamed Gom to Gozer due to a name conflict (I need to do the same soon with PLib. :-( ). For those of you using Rollover, you'll either need to upgrade to CVS, or edit the script manually (just chnage all occurances of gom to gozer and you should be okay).

Okay, that's all for now. Thanks again to Snow-Man for helping me out. If you have the time, don't forget to drop into #e (on OPN IRC) and wish Schmoo a happy birthday.