Who's Your Dual-Head Daddy?

Courtesy of the NVidia 0.9-6 drivers, I now have a hardware accelerated dual-head setup. Hooray! I modified my screenshot scripts and took a quick, unspiffed up screenshot. Check it out here. This also means I'm running kernel 2.4. Everything seems to be working okay, except the mounting system refuses to set up a loopback device automatically for my encrypted partition, so I have to do that by hand. Oh, and I'm still getting filesystem corruption when i run my WinTV, so that's been canned for the time being.

I released a new version of Pheh today; new features inclue keyboard support, cam support, a code cleanup, an easier to read config file, and some other goodies. The ChangeLog is here, the diff from 0.2.1 is here, and the full tarball is here.

Oh yeah, read this article (it was linked from Slashdot today). That's all for now...