PLib, Pheh, and More

Okay, I posted release versions of PLib and Pheh. Yes, that's right, I've _actually_ been working on code again. Pheh is "strikingly similar" to Tom Gilbert's image viewer Feh, except Pheh uses Evas, so it supports OpenGL acceleration and a few other goodies. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I changed the logo right above the sidebar. I think it looks better than the old one, but who knows. What I really need is some color. Also, Sean's OSX machine is no more,so I've removed the OSX uptime from the sidebar. He's gone back to MacOS 9 for the time being...

After over three years, I finally got sick of the default look for BitchX. So I'm trying out the cypress theme from I've tweaked one of the built-in cypress themes a bit; you can see the result in my latest screenshot.

As usual, Apple's newest Powerbook looks absolutely amazing. I'm going to try and use one at the local Mac outlet tomorrow. Anyway, I'm up waaay past my bedtime, so that's it for tonight.