Television and Tetrinet

I finally got around to patching the official Tetrinet server. I added a Makefile and moved some of the documentation around, so I'm distributing it as a tarball at the moment. This is not a fork per se; I intend to submit my modifications back to the developers eventually. I also modified the CGI for my Tetrinet page so the ranking works again, made a few slight modifications to the default server configuration, and reset all the scores to zero. Also, term has put my patched server up in his private CVS repository; hopefully we'll get a chance to bastardize it some more really soon. Feel free to drop me an email if you've got any suggestions.

Also, I picked up a WinTV card the other day. It's neat being able to watch TV onscreen, but the drivers for this thing are absolutely terrible. So far I've had at least three hard locks, and one instance of my parts of my filesystem just disappearing. From what I've read, the support in the 2.4 kernels is much better, but then I'm going to be fighting to get Quake working. I think I've gotten things smoothed out a bit, but if it gives me any more trouble I'll have to do the kernel upgrade.

We've managed to get a bunch more people hooked on Planetarion, so I decided to put up a quick page with some helpful resources. Check it out here... Okay, that's it for today.