I forgot to mention the cool stuff I've been doing with my new computer. My video card will be here tomorrow. For those of you who don't know, I'm getting a eVGA NVidia GeForce 2 MX TwinView (dual-monitor and tv-out support). There's a really good review for the card over on NVNews. My monitor should be here this time some week.

I also now have an blowfish encrypted partition, courtesy of the the International Kernel patch. Now I just gotta figure out what I need to hide.

I've been making some changes to the page here and there. There's a few new things on the sidebar, and I've been slowly adding more stuff to the links section. Expect yet another project in a few days.

Well, they released a new version of Gnut, and it's got some -- but not all -- of my new patches. The reasons are too complicated to explain here, but I'll put up an explanation and a few more patches soon. For now, you can patch my features into the latest version yourself by grabbing them from the Patch section on my Download page. Finally, I saw this interesting study on Gnutella linked from Slashdot today. Give it a read; it's a really interesting article.