Enlightenment Menu Fun

Seems like noone makes anything fun for Enlightenment menus. Well, I decided to write a few. This one generates real-time stock quotes in your E menu. If you select the menu item, it looks up the symbol on Yahoo's Finance page. Neat. And this one builds an E menu of your Cam bookmarks, which is makes things even easier than typing "cam person". Both the scripts check to see if they've already added themselves to the toplevel User menu, so you can run them more than once without any adverse effects (ie via a cron job or whatever).

Oh yeah. I made yet another change to the scoring on my Tetrinet page. Basically, a person who does pretty good in a lot of games will now rate higher than someone who does incredibly well in a few games. The idea is to provide incentive for the good players to keep playing.

I noticed the Gnut page is now linking directly here for my uncommitted patches. For those of you who don't know, you can apply these patches as follows:
    cd gnut-0.4.16/
    patch -p5 < path/to/patchfile-blah.diff
    make && su -c "make install"
Okay, that's all for today. My video card arrives tomorrow, so I'm going to need some sleep.