Okay, a lot of new stuff going on. I spent this weekend hacking on giblib; I added binary trees, hashes, queues, stacks, and a few new list calls. Then I moved on to Gom, adding text-piping, and background image support. Finally, I wrote a perl wrapper for Gom called Rollover that allows you to quickly create both the HTML and images for JavaScripted sidebars. Version 0.2 and a sample template file are available here.

Richlowe has been sent in several patches for both Cam and Rollover. The Rollover patches are mostly Perl sanitization, but he's rewritten enough of Cam at this point that he's now a co-author. Thanks for all the help, dude!

And the best news; I am now the proud owner of a AMD Duron 700! Thanks again to everyone for the great birthday!