Planetarion 2001

Time for Planetarion has officially started. They've updated the graphics for the site; it looks damn smooth now. If you haven't tried Planetarion yet, give it a try. You'll like it.

With all the fun and games going on in the US presidential elections right now, not enough attention is being payed to the Palm Beach ballot issue. Well fusion94 has come up with a solution. Here is a new ballot, redesigned with a more Palm Beach-friendly layout.

I've gotten a bunch of feedback regarding my review of Nautilus, so I decided to add a feedback section. It's at the bottom of the article. To the larger sites: if you want to post the article, that's fine, but please mirror it rather than linking; I don't have the bandwidth for a large amount of traffic.

I finally applied the patches from richlowe, and version 0.4 of Cam will be available shortly on the Cam page.

In case anyone missed it, yesterday was my birthday. I had a great time -- thanks to everyone from #e, especially Tom Gilbert for the unique birthday card. My parents sent me a bit of money, so I'm getting the long-awaited hardware upgrade real soon now. Okay, that's all for today.