Nautilus and other Useless Stuff

After reading yet another article about Nautilus on /., I decided to take a look for myself. The result was this review (it was linked on Tom Gilbert's page several hours ago, so you may have already seen it). Apparently people in #e found it fairly amusing, so I thought I'd share it with the rest of you.

Richlowe has been sending me patches for Cam like crazy. At last count I had about 5 pending in my Inbox. His patches fix some quirks with the command-line options, and add titles to the config file. Mind you, I haven't given the patches anything more than a cursory glance, so who knows if they work at all! :)

I've been paying pretty close attention to the elections, but not necessarily because I'm concerned about one soft-money whore or the other winning. In fact, this article pretty much sums up how I feel (although I do believe that Bush is an idiot). Finally, Perl in Latin.