Yet Another Gnut Patch

So I got a response from Robert Mufano (the lead developr for Gnut), and he really liked my multi-search patch. He's gonna make a few minor tweaks, but it should be in 0.4.15. I sent him one more patch to slightly improve the behavior or "list" and "lclear" (specifically, they reference searches by an integer ID instead of a GUID-hashed one, and you can use ranges with lclear). As usual, you can grab the patch early on my Download page.

Oh yeah, I ran this page through the W3C HTML Validator, and the results were pretty good. I did catch a few obscure HTML errors in my server-side includes, but nothing that affects rendering or layout (at least not in Netscape or IE). Also, I added a little description blurb to the Download page. And, in the spirit of saving the best for last, you can now download version 0.2 of my View script (the magic behind the backend-navigation on the Code page). Version 0.2 fixes several minor bugs, adds support for more URL types, and adds anti-cracking protection. Grab it here. The documentation on this bad-boy is nonexistant, so if you'd like some help getting it set up, let me know.