Minor Updates and New Software

I posted my backup scripts for the web server to the Download page, you can check it out here. Also, the Cam page finally has some content, including a screenshot showing off some neat feh features. I added a browser check-list and some design tips to the Code page, and I also moved the view any page section to the top. The Feedback page is now titled the Contact page because that's what it really is. The sidebar and Site Map also received various updates, and I fixed a tiny rendering problem for Lynx. Last of all, I updated the front page to hold 8 news items instead of 5 -- news was getting flushed to the archives a bit quicker than I wanted it to.

I updated to the newest version of GnomeICU. It's looking good. Not only did they fix the annoying send-through-server bug (eg all the disappearing ICQ messages), but they added a "message chat" feature ala ICQ for Windows. Keep up the good work, guys.

I also updated Galeon. Not a whole lot of new stuff, but the latest release does improve the bookmark handling, and it adds an almost-full-screen option. I'm still waiting for the big four: working global keybindings, cookie support, plugin support (hopefully native Netscape plugin support, but that might be asking a bit much), and functional file transfer.

I'm thinking about whipping up a linux help page, ala Tom Gilbert's Linux help spot. Let me know if you're interested in seeing something like this, and if so, what you'd like me to cover.