Parallel Searching in Gnut

Like the title says, I finally added multi-searching capabilities to Gnut. Well actually, I just sent the patch to the maintainer. It should be in the next version of Gnut, but you can download the patch here (it patches clean against 0.4.14, the most recent version of Gnut).

So classes started for me again. Hurray, I guess. Actually, this term shouldn't be that bad -- I'm actually taking a coupel of interesting classes.

Finally, I watched a really interesting documentary on the 1992 presidential elections called Spin. Check it out here. It's focus is on the media in politics and spin doctors, but it takes the best shots I've ever seen at Pat Robertson and his CBN goons. Let me know if it's still overloaded when you try and download the files -- I have them saved locally and I can set up a mirror.

That's all for today.