Welcome to the new Pablotron Server

If you can see this message, than you're on the new pablotron server... Hooray!

So here's what's new -- I've added my work web server to the list of uptimes (on the sidevar). Also, I completely redid the Projects page. Check it out and let me know what you think. I also added unique pages for Cam and EWL.

On a related note, I've submitted a couple of patches to Gnut. Basically, they just add config-file loading, saving, and command-line evaluation. I hadn't used Gnut at all until a few days ago, but it's already my favorite Gnutella client by far. It's fast, stable, easy to use, and it's got several features that other clients don't have. For example, Gnut can blacklist nodes (no more spam via Gnutella), monitor based on requests that yield results, monitor based on download requests, limit upstream transfer rates, and filter search results with regular expressions. It compiles out-of-the-box under most UNIX variants and Windows (although the latter is missing many features), and there is a GUI frontend in the works. If you're using one of the supported systems and you use Gnutella, give Gnut a try and see what you think.