Software Updates...

I finally updated my GNOME setup at home to Helix GNOME. I had been planning on doing this for several months, but I had to clear off some cruft on my root partition in order to fit all the crap in. For those of you who have no drive space, you might check your $PREFIX/share/themes and $PREFIX/share/locale directories (where $PREFIX is either /usr or /usr/local) -- they were using over 100 megs of space on my system.

On a related note, I also switched over to Galeon as my primary web browser (even on my piece of shit home system). Oddly enough the bookmark importer works fine on my home system, but fails miserably on my work machine. Also, there still isn't correct download support, and a there are a few other quirks here and there. But overall, I think it's a better browser than Nutscrape.

EWL is still coming along. Evas support works correctly for the background image, and I incorperated Evas support throughout the EWL Theme API, but it still doesn't render widgets quite right. I'll work on that some more this week, along with an actual working implementation of something me and several other E developers have been talking about for a while. The short, short version is that we're tired of using one format for theming -- there's no reason why you can't have a dynamic modular theme and config loading system that allows users to pick their own format (be it a fast local database, XML, off of an SQL server, or via http). I'll have more information if and when I have a working sample implementaion.