Mutt, Fetchmail, Oh My!

So I'm attempting to make the transition from PINE to Mutt. Of course, in order to do that I had to set up Fetchmail, and make a few minor changes to my existing Procmail setup. I grabbed the existing muttrc file from Tom Gilbert's page and spent some time tweaking it a bit, and I think I've got things kind of working (actually, I just sent my first non-test email about three minutes ago). Here's what I think so far: I really like Mutt a lot -- it's packed with features, completely configurable, and not actually that hard to get set up. As for fetchmail, it's GUI config program and config language are almost completely idiot proof. The GUI probed my IMAP server and set everything up for me, and it even caught a few stupid mistakes I made.

Now the cons: I've been using PINE for over 6 years, and switching to new keybindings is a bit of a jolting experience. My setup for PINE wasn't perfect, but everything worked. Normally I don't mind tweaking with programs to get them working "just the way I want it", but mail is one of those things I take for granted -- I just want it to work without tweaking. Anyways, I felt the same way when I switched to VIM, and I felt the same way when I switched to Linux, and I know all this will pass. The other thing that kind of concerns me is using fetchmail to redirect all my mail. I'm used to using a shell account on the machine with my mail spool -- I haven't used POP3 or IMAP for at least 3 years. I've heard horror stories of people's wacky mail-transfer setup blowing away weeks worth of email; I'd prefer not to go through that experience. Anyways, I know there are several mutt pros who read this page -- feel free to drop me an email if you've got any transition tips for me.

Oh yeah, I finally got around to installing GnuPG, the free software replacement for PGP. I posted a new public key, and I committed it to several keyservers around the world. I don't have the information anymore to revoke my old PGP 2.6.2 key, but the email addresses are different anyways: for the PGP 2.6.2 key and for the OpenPGP (eg GnuPGP) key.

Finally, I helped Sean install Linux on his home machine today. Soon he will be a linux h4x0r like the rest of us. :)