Monkeys on Crack and Other Oddities

So I finally got off my ass and joined the Crack Monkey mailing list. Wow, it's a lot of fun! It's basically a bunch of losers like myself, spending their time coming up with crackpot ideas and bashing each other. For example, right now the list is debating the feasability of a nitrogen-filled, high-pressure nightclub (ie you could have music really loud without bothering the neighbors). You can check out the Crack Monkey site here (not recommended for Windows users -- the site will lock up your computer. You have been warned).

I have my test Evas app working pretty well -- I just need to finish up some graphics, hten I'll post it for abuse on the Download page. I also fixed one little tiny bug in the evas_set_color() routine -- but other than that Evas has been pretty solid for me. I'm getting some wierd color flashes in my test app, but I'm almost positive sure it's my setup (XF4.0, TNT2 w/ nv module, Mesa 3.2 -- I think mesa3.2 is b0rked) and not Evas.

As for this page, I finally added file sizes and MD5 checksums to the Download page, but I'm not sure if they're gonna stay -- I don't know if I like the look. I also added a few new links to the Links page -- for some reason I have a hard time keeping the links page up to date)..

Joe pointed me towards this review of the Nintendo GameCube, which reminded me about this article that I read last week. I should mention that I'm biased; IMO ATI and S3 are my two least favorite video chipset vendors -- the latter because they whore their crappy embedded chipsets out to every OEM on the planet (including Apple), and the latter because I am actually using the monstrosity that is S3 ViRGE at home. Of course, I also don't really care about console systems any more -- the last one I bought was the Sega Saturn, and that was only to play Virtua Fighter 2. But I haven't even touched that for at least 6 months. My TV broke, so I loaned out my VCR, and that was the last contact I've had with console systems, video rentals, and cable TV. Internet keeps me entertained now. Anyways, if I was interested in a console system, it would probably be the PlayStation 2, not the Dolphin.